Sapellé: African fashion

I was recently invited to the official launch of Sapellé, London.

Sapellé have been operating as a web-based ladies wear shop for some time now, but took the plunge to open a boutique in the heart of Portobello Road, London W10. So now customers can see, feel and try on the exciting and vibrant clothes and accessories from all across the African continent.

Sapelle-alvareenslifestyle-05Alvareen and Daphne at the Sapellé Launch Party

The shop was buzzing when Jason and I arrived – and there was wine and nibbles along with a warm and friendly atmosphere too!

Anyway, we met some lovely people including the owner Daphne Kasambala and one of the fashion designers José Hendo and chatted to them both.

With the massive recent demand for African prints in the mainstream market, the Sapellé shop in Portobello Road provides you with the opportunity to try on some fantastic African designs with vibrant colours. The shop is light, colourful, inviting and friendly. It grabs you with that real boutiquesque and warm ethnic feel.


So, if you are crazy about African prints and designs then why not visit Sapellé and I am sure Daphne and her team will make you feel very welcome. You can also check out her web shop at

Sapelle-alvareenslifestyle-04José and Alvareen

José’s workshop is based in London N17. She uses exciting materials to create her, almost sculpture like clothing. Whilst at Sapellé I had the opportunity to try one of the pieces from her collection: the cortigan, luxuriously soft fleece like material and the bonus is this is all ethically sourced!

You can check out José’s collection and find out further information on her website


Sapelle-alvareenslifestyle-08Me, wearing one of José’s designs!

We would like to thank Daphne for the invite, and please check out the site for a sneak peek, or even better visit the shop!


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