Hubby and I recently took a couple of weeks off work and had plans on doing a few day trips and maybe even a few days away somewhere in the UK.

However, things don’t always go to plan, and you just have to move with how you feel and don’t force anything. We ended up just doing a few bits around the house; spent some time together; catching up with family and of course-relaxing.

I know we live in a world in which if we don’t end up posting to social media and taking trips abroad it seems like you’re not living, or enjoying life. We sometimes get so caught in how we are perceived instead of enjoying life and relaxing.

So, that’s exactly what we did – Don’t get me wrong, we love taking holidays abroad just like the next person, but sometimes staying home is just as fun.

We had deep and meaningful conversations; cooked together; watched a few movies; took some trips in the car; went on long walks – picked some blackberries; bickered – only a little though; chilled with our cats; blast a few tunes; had late nights and slept in.

Even though we didn’t complete the decorating of our living room, we made a start! Well we didn’t set a time limit, but it will get done eventually.

Sometimes it’s just nice to be in your own lane and enjoy spending together, but as  with everything all good things must come to an end – plus we need to pay the bills, as they don’t pay themselves! šŸ™‚

So, cheers to a few weeks of freedom from the daily grind.

Until next time.

Me encanta verte pronto!

Location: Mayfield Lavender Farm

Credits: @Hangermanj



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