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Today I wanted to do something a little different. Jason and I have written this post together from his ‘n’ her’s perspective about finding a good work/life balance.

We love spending time with each other: going for a stroll, catching a movie, or just chilling at home.

But let’s face it, this is not always possible when you are both in full-time employment and have to pay the bills!

Today hubby and I had an argument. An argument we have been having over and over and cannot seem to find a middle ground on “managing time”.

I have things in my life I want to achieve and so does he.

So, how do we manage our time, get the things we both need doing done, and be able to do things together?

This is really hard, when you are both working a 40hr+ week.

There are friends we owe visits; friends we haven’t seen for a while and just can’t seem to find the time to schedule a good catchup! We are currently working on this and hopefully very soon we will be able to find that balance, so our relationships don’t suffer.

It’s one thing making lists, and setting reminders but it is a totally different ball game achieving these goals and following through!

For us, this is the hurdle, in my opinion you have to work at it and COMMUNICATION is the key. I realised today that we can talk and talk and talk but the only way it will work is through good communication and planning. Use a diary, or get a planner, stick it up in you office, kitchen, or bathroom whatever works for you. And follow through, don’t put it off until the next day just because you’re tired, otherwise it will never get done.

Date night on a budget: I used to think date nights were lame, but they work! Set aside a little time for each other once a week, grab a bite to eat, have a movie night. You don’t need to be loaded to achieve these things, take out that sexy lingerie you haven’t worn for a while, get a sitter (baby/cat) lol! Cook a meal, light some candles, get reacquainted over a bottle of your favourite red or white.

These might seem like simple things, but sometimes we get so complacent and we forget these little things.

Until next time my beauties

Au revoir – A





  1. Gloria
    31/05/2015 / 1:58 pm

    Hello Sarah and hubby(:-))

    Thanks for sharing your views and tips on work life balance.
    I agree with your points completely.

    Whether you are married or just dating, spending time together and communication is very important indeed.

    My other tip is agreeing to go offline at a specific time every evening and being in the present with your partner.



  2. Denese
    02/06/2015 / 5:05 am

    That is so true setting aside time for each other. It works thanks for the tips guys really good stay bless xx

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