Rituals – Under a fig tree diffuser

Product review: I am a BIG, BIG, fan of Rituals products. I love the way they smell, feel and look (stylish and refined)

I have bought, body mist, shampoos etc… And their “Shakaki Rose” conditioner is to die for! If you have hair that needs a lot of moisture! (That’s another product review…coming soon to alvareenslifestyle.co.uk)

But, this review is about reed diffusers. You will be aware there is a massive craze for these.

I am normally, a kind of light a couple of candles or pot pourri gal but on discovering how good the “Under a fig tree” diffuser smelt – I wanted to give it a try.

But, my hubby has mild asthma and some, strong smells affect him, so I was a bit worried. With this in mind I just bought a small bottle just to test it out.

The great thing about this diffuser is, that it is not too intense for allergy sufferers, yet is strong enough for you to feel the fresh fragrance in other rooms

The lovely sweet aroma of fresh figs with an undertone of copaiba is a tantalising and uplifting. Makes me think of spring and butterflies!

Seriously though, if you’re looking for that perfect diffuser go and check out the Rituals range.

Happy diffuser shopping Y’all

Alvareen xoxo


Reference: Copaiba is a traditional medicine use by some indigenous tribes, as a therapeutic medicine.
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      Thank you Floortje XX

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      Hi Teresa,

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      There are new posts every Sunday so please check back.

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