London’s Southbank

I truly love London! It is crammed full of diverse cultures and so much to offer right on our doorstep!

Let’s face it, it’s great getting on a plane and enjoying a week or two away from the stresses of life, but this can also be very expensive! So, why not check out some of the wonderful things just a short train ride away, and in most cases, are free?

We visited London’s Southbank Centre, a few weeks ago, and had a fun day just soaking up the vibe and ambience of this small part of our capital.

This summer, there is a lot going on; from the food market, music events, street theatre and much, much, more.

There are some pretty cool things for families, to keep the children occupied over the summer holidays. And if you are a couple looking for something different to do why not check out the Festival of love?

The Festival of Love – back this year for longer and better than ever! The concept is really refreshing!

Another fantastic thing this year is the Southbank Centre is calling on members of the public to take part in the “67 Small Acts For Big Change” which is inspired by Nelson Mandela’s 67 years of public service. By doing small acts of kindness you could be making someone’s day, or just “paying it forward”.

Thinking of a different way to tie the Knot? There is also The Big Wedding Weekend (Saturday 29 August 2015 – Monday 31 August 2015), which I personally think is a brilliant idea, (Would have totally done this if I hadn’t tied the know some nine years ago) sounds so fun and different!

So, don’t just sit at home dreaming of faraway lands, go check out the links below for some of the Southbank’s great summer activities.








Southbank: Free Events

Big Wedding Weekend

67 Small Acts For Big Change

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