Feeling comfortable in your skin

alvareenslifestyle_skinI’m the kind of person who loves to keep it as simple as possible in my quest for inner beauty, glowing skin and healthy hair.

I believe if you look after yourself; have a healthy and positive mindset; eat right; incorporate exercise into your weekly routine; then this is definitely achievable.

But more importantly, I believe that self-love is a truly important part of taking care of ourselves. And when I say self-love, I mean really loving who you are inside. 

Who says, we have to conform to society’s beauty standards anyway? Be you.

Sometimes I feel as women, we can get completely caught up with extra bits we wear, and if we’re not grounded, we can completely forget how to feel comfortable in our own skin. 

Don’t let society’s beauty standards hinder you from truly loving yourself. You with the freckles; you with the uneven skin tone; etc… 

We need to embrace our quirks! Because how can we truly love someone else when we don’t love who we are. 

Celebrities like Alicia Keys who has struggled with acne for some time recently showed us that we really don’t need to conform to be beautiful. 

Some of us already knows this, and of course we don’t need a celebrity to tell us to embrace our natural and inner beauty. But, to have someone in the mainstream, using her platform to encourage the younger generation, and some of us older heads to love who we are – isn’t a bad thing. 

That said, I’m not that “anti-make up or extensions kinda gal”, sometimes it’s great to change it up a little or for convenience. There’s nothing wrong with that, if you feel happy, confident and comfortable and you know who you are.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m also totally guilty of this myself. I recently removed my kinky hair twists; and it really took some getting used to; seeing myself without extensions. It hit me like a brick, just how easy it can be to forget how to love ourselves “au naturel”.

I’m not saying: stop wearing weaves, wigs, extensions or makeup. I have a selection of these myself, and will continue to use on and off. 

I guess what I’m trying to say is; Ladies, be bold. Go, out one day this week, and wear your natural beauty with pride. Spend the time to look your best, but, try to use the minimum. Forget the car, the bus, that little bit of exercise on a regularly will make a difference, admire you and appreciate you, just the way you are. 

The way God made you. 

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