As the colder months set in, you will find you need a good moisturiser.

The wintry weather often wreaks havoc with our skin – making it dry, chapped and rough.

So, a good moisturiser, one that is slightly heavier than the ones used over the summer months is a necessity.

Many of us ladies will change up our beauty routine to protect and care for our skin during these harsher months.

So, I though I would share with you my “top six autumn beauty products”, as it’s always good to share best practices and learn from each other.

Maybe you are looking to try something new, or that old favourite you’ve been using for years is starting to let you down. This happens as the skin ages, you’ll find that, that amazing brand that use to take you through the summer and colder months when you were in your twenties, just doesn’t work anymore!

And like myself you might find you have to put that little bit extra time into your skincare regime in your thirties.

My favourite products aren’t all shop bought. If you have been reading my blogs you will know I love to experiment and create my own recipes; and in the process have discovered some gems which work beautifully for me.


 homemade whipped shea butter with rosemary, rose oil

I created this recipe as I wanted something a little more natural for my skin. I know shea butter has a great consistency and ideal for this time of the year. I added three different essential oils to my whipped mousse; rosemary, vitamin E and for a lovely aroma, rose oil. This recipe is a simple and cost-effective body moisturiser which you can also use in your hair. You can try different oils to create your own version.

It can be a cost-effective mixing up your favourite beauty brands with some good ole homemade ones. So, I hope this article helps to inspire you to keep your skin looking beautiful whatever the weather.

Feel free to comment with your favourite products below, maybe you will inspire someone who is looking to change up their beauty regime.

neals_yard_frankincense_hydrating_cream        Neal’s Yard – Hydrating Cream

burts_bees_hand_salveBert’s Bees Hand Salve

clarins-hands_and_foot_moisturisersClarin’s Hand and Nail Treatment Cream & Foot Beauty Treatment Cream

palmers_cocoa_butterPalmer’s Cocoa Butter

extra_virgin_coconut_oilLucy Bee – Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

neals_yardNeal’s Yard selection

Glowing skin starts from within, so I have added a bonus bundle (pictured above) of my favourite supplements that give me that extra oomph.

Until next time.

Big love Alvareen xo



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